How to identify your cheekbone, and where to start your Blush. 



  1. Start by placing your thumb at the top of your ear. 
  2. Next, using your pointer finger, make a straight line to bottom of the nose. 
  3. This line is your cheekbone. 
  4. Next, to determine where to place blush pigment, place your middle and pointer finger on the side of your nose. 
  5. Start color on the side of where your fingers sit at the side of nose. 
  6. Continue up the cheekbone in the area you have defined as the line of the cheekbone with your thumb and pointer finger.  
  7. Smile, look at the blushing beauty staring back at you



Caution- placing color too close to mouth or inside the area you marked with two fingers next
to your nose makes the face appear longer and aged

For more information on contouring, please see my tutorial here Contour tutorial