We’ve come a long way baby…

Not so long ago- in the VERY recent past, I used two different methods of measuring my brows. 

The first was using the tear duct, the pupil and the end of eye as my guide. 

The second was the brow’s starting point, arch and tail were identified by using the nostril as a guide. But it turns out some people with small nostrils or flared nostrils offer a very in accurate brow guide this way. It can make the nose seem too wide or two narrow when used as a one-size-fits-all measurement. 
Instead, use the bridge of the nose to gauge the brow’s starting point. Next use the nostril in a straight line across the pupil to mark the arch. Last use the nostril in a straight line to the end of eye as the tail or end of the brow. 

Draw three dots to mark these points and fill in brows accordingly. 

I like to draw the  outline– top and bottom- from point A to B and then B to C, and finish by filling in, but do what works best for you. 

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