We all have them…Those times you just aren’t feeling it. You look like hell, no matter what you do or wear. And it’s not just in the eye of the beholder either- other people ask if you’re tired, or okay. These are the moments your people are staring back at you as your mirror. “Are you tired?” Translates to- you look terrible. 
Even when you get all done up and feel like you look good, a half hour into the night you go to the powder room and wonder why you left the house looking this way. 

It seems nothing will break the slump either. So what do ladies usually do at a time like this? Hit the salon and make a change. Or, if you’re like me, you make an even worse choice and reach for some DIY remedy. Considering this time tends to hit after some confidence testing life happening- the last thing you should do is make a big life altering change to your looks. But it’s what we seem to do. 

About a week after the change, you realize that you look way worse than you did while trudging through your beauty slump. 

So what’s the remedy? 

I found one. But it’s a list of easy-to-do solutions, rather than one million dollar question answered. And the great news is, after a small initial investment, you’ll have the slump buster kit on hand always and forever. 

The kit contains:

  1. An organized place that all of your accessories are stored, neatly and by color. 

The accessory cabinet should contain:

  • Earrings 
  • Necklaces 
  • Pretty hair ties and other items, such as, clips and barrettes 
  • A few different flower headbands (especially the kind you wear like a crown of thrones… Hopefully that isn’t blasphemous!)
  • Several bandannas in various colors
  • Tons of fun hats! And be sure to have hats for all the seasons. My favorite is a summer floppy hat that I tied a big brown flower to that was cut off an old shirt I didn’t wear anymore. 
  • Some pretty hair Jewels
  • Lots of rubberbands and bobby pins

2. A set of clip on a hair extensions, the exact same color is your hair. Buy them in the longest length possible. Don’t buy anything out of the ordinary. You can get them at Sally beauty for just over $100, and if taken care of properly, they last forever! Make sure you get the products and the storage bag to go with it – these things protect your investment!

3. Buy yourself a very nice razor for shaving with removable and replaceable blades. Invest in a nice one. Also, always have shaving cream on hand.

4. Bath and Bodyworks body lotion and matching shower gel. Make sure you get the same scent so you don’t clash.

5. A tooth whitening kit.

6. make up remover wipes. Let’s be real- on the days that got too long, it’s easy to forget washing our faces. 

7. age-appropriate moisturizer. Over 35 – be sure you buy eye specific products too and a night serum for repair.

8. your favorite perfume. But make sure it’s not a bad mental trigger reminding you of a time gone by that wasn’t so happy.
9. Your favorite candles.
And. your favorite oil diffuser with your favorite oil scent.

11. Pandora set up on whatever device you choose to stream it from.

12. sex in the city DVD series. This always makes you feel more like you’re not alone out there in every day woman’s trouble land.

13. good smelling shampoo and conditioner. And the hair care products,post shampoo, that are good for YOUR hair.

14. A good tweezers
15. at home gel fingernail polish kit.
16. A good blow dryer and a good flat iron.
17. Photo editing software on your phone for your selfies

18. A beauty journal to write down everything that works- and doesn’t- for thenext time your beauty slump rolls around.

19. A bikini shaver to trim your eyebrows and rid your face of the peach fuzz we all get   

And be sure you take lots of pictures, both before and after. Here is my most recent post beauty slump selfie! I feel like 1 million bucks!